Hi team - I'd like to create a line chart with mul...
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Hi team - I'd like to create a line chart with multiple segment by's or the ability to change the view of what is being segmented by at the dashboard level instead of making a new insight or drilling to a sub-section of the original insight. Do you have any recommendations?
Hi Josh, The best way to interact with an insight used on the dashboard is to use the “explore from here” option on the dropdown. However, if I understand the other option correctly, you would like to use the “segment by” line chart option as a dashboard filter, correct? I’m not sure if this would be possible using GD.UI, but we can certainly check internally.
Would the 'explore from here' option be usable by users with VIEW permissions? Yes essentially the functionality to have an end user be able to change the segment by on a line graph at the dashboard level, but without affecting other insights in the dashboard. Better would be the ability to handle multiple segment-by's within line graphs in insights, right now is limited to 1 but Id like clients to be able to have a wider view without doing too much editing or having too many insights showing the same data.
Hi Josh, As far as I know, this is not on our road map right now. You can certainly toggle between the particular values under the Segment by and “turn them OFF/ON” by simply clicking on the each value in the Insight Legend. Could you provide us some example of your use case, where you’d need to toggle between multiple segments, please?