I'm using the API to export the workspace layout s...
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I'm using the API to export the workspace layout so that I can use that JSON to migrate from one environment to another (API: /api/v1/layout/workspaces/:workspaceId) Generally that works. The issue I've run into is that it seems like the workspace data filters are not exported in that
call to the API. If I try and do a
on that API to a fresh workspace, I get this error:
Some of given referenced 'workspaceDataFilters' entities do not exist.
If I manually create the workspace data filter I can then successfully update the empty workspace. Is this expected behavior? Should I be using different APIs to migrate? We don't use python so we're using the raw API calls.
Hi, you have to create the WDF first and then upload data model which is referencing it. The WDF object is not contained in the workspace definition and is accessible via different endpoint. Both of them are contained in layout API of the whole organization.
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