Hi all. I'm trying to copy a dashboard from 1 WS t...
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Hi all. I'm trying to copy a dashboard from 1 WS to another using 1.
GET {{baseUrl}}/api/v1/entities/workspaces/{{workspace_id}}/analyticalDashboards/{{dashboard_id}}?include=ALL
get the new dashboard from dev WS 2.
POST {{baseUrl}}/api/v1/entities/workspaces/{{workspace_id}}/analyticalDashboards?include=ALL
- copy the above response to this POSTs body, to copy dashboard into prod WS It's giving me errors that all
entities do not exist when I run the post. I checked the GET and it returned the structure and everything for these
. So when I copy dashboards, doesn't it copy the
as well with it?
FYI before doing the above, I successfully copied the LDM from the GETs workspace (dev workspace) to the POSTs workspace (prod workspace) - so its not like the following could happen - https://gooddataconnect.slack.com/archives/C04S1MSLEAW/p1695240938144249
Hi Filip, although you are using the API correctly, you were also correct in your assumption that it does not copy the Visualization Objects over; The endpoint for the dashboard links to them, but they need to be inserted on the target workspace manually via the Visualization Object APIs. So there’d be an extra step there: first make sure that all the required Visualization Objects are in the target workspace by GETting and POSTing them from the original workspace via the endpoints I linked above; Then, you can transfer over the dashboard that requires them. 🙂