Hello, this might be an off-the-cuff question but:...
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Hello, this might be an off-the-cuff question but: When editing an insight on a parent workspace/dashboard with a lot of data, what will end up happening is it will load forever, and then when it eventually loads it will give an error saying too much data was requested. So usually what we have done is added a temporary filter to lessen the load. But an unfortunate side effect is sometimes when making edits this way, we leave those temporary filters in which is unfortunate. If we are using business filters for child workspaces, is there any known work-around / hack to allow us to be able to load these insights reasonably and not leave behind temporary filters?
Hi Jake, This seems like you are hitting some limits here, so I will double-check what kind of work around we can try and achieve here. Please bear with us.
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Hi, maybe you can use a user which has user data filters applied for editing of the parent workspace.