After using the app, for a while with no inactivit...
# gooddata-cloud
After using the app, for a while with no inactivity (im working the entire time), I get logged out and its very frustrating. This has happened a few times, and I've lost unsaved work every time.
Hi Jake, sorry to hear that you lost your unsaved work. GoodData Cloud authentication works with OAuth 2.0 and OIDC standard. As long as the access token or refresh token are valid a user stays logged in. The access token is usually short-lived and grants access to the application. Refresh token is usually long-lived and is used to issue a new access token when it expires (it is automatic and seamless to the user). There is no setting to alter login session on GoodData Cloud, but if you have configured your own OIDC, I would recommend checking their documentation on how to extend the token lifetime.
ok great, ill talk to the folks who set that up