Hi all Could you help me please with question re...
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Hi all Could you help me please with question regarding JWT token: • Set up secondsBeforeTokenExpirationToEmitReminder = 60. Sent two JWTs - one is with expiration after one year and second one with expiration after one day. Received immediately answer - apiTokenIsAboutToExpire. Why? After this message token is still valid.
Hi Natalia, I just wanted to let you know that we are still looking into the issue you previously reported above, and we will also double check this internally with our engineers to verify the behavior.
Hello Natalia, this is indeed strange. We will look into this to see if it could be some bug. Are you able to reproduce the issue? What would be the steps to isolate this behaviour? (i.e. does it only happen when you send the two JWT with different expirations)?