Hi everyone. I have a question about URL interacti...
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Hi everyone. I have a question about URL interactions. I have a chart that shows monthly dates, and within my system we use start & end dates. How can I make a URL interaction that uses
. Right now I'm using `{attribute_title(attribute.month)}`which just returns '2023-08' for example. Maybe I can use an IF in the URL interaction builder to figure out how many days each month has and then just append it after attribute?
Hi Filip, would you please be so kind as to provide more details on your use-case and what you’re trying to achieve? Does this relate to custom URL drilling? Thanks in advance for the clarification 🙂
@Michael Ullock I want to drill into a URL. My URL should look like this:
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When I try to do it in GD using the attribute month in the picture, it generates the following URL:
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Is there no way I can get attributes to give min & max day at the end of
? Maybe if I could use an IF statement in URL drilldown?
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thats in the picture is a date field in the LDM
Hi Filip, I’m afraid what you are asking for wouldn’t be possible in this case. You can currently work only with a date granularity which is displayed in the visualisation itself. Regarding the IF statement, the URL drilldown box doesn’t support similar functions. I’d be happy to submit a product feedback for you. However, I’m still not sure about the reasoning behind using an IF statement in this case. Could you please clarify how you envision similar functionality working? Once this is clear, I’ll gladly submit a product feedback so our product team can consider it for future developments.