I built some insights. They were visually okay. ...
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I built some insights. They were visually okay. I then updated the LDM. I got a warning message that there was an insight and a dashboard that would be impacted. I continue anyway. In my embedded dashboard, one of my insights errored and told me to contact my administrator (which is me) so that wasn't much help. I then decided to delete that insight via the API. After doing that I really broke it. Now I get the following error in the terminal when trying to load the dashboards in the GD UI
Invariant Violation: Inconsistent insight store
How do I get out of this mess?
I couldn't figure out any better way than to delete the dashboard and start fresh. Maybe someone can explain to me what I did wrong and how to properly fix it in the GD Cloud UI. I'd prefer not to use the API if at all possible. Non-devs will likely need to do this in the future
Hi Levi, Can you please confirm whether you are working with multi-tenant environment in this case? If so, is it possible that your visualizations got deleted on the Parent level? Or is this just a single workspace (no parent or child workspace involved) and the error simply appears once you delete the insight from it?
I'm working with multi tenant
Additional question, I suppose you have used only the bellow endpoint for the deletion, is that correct?
I did use that in an attempt to delete the insight. After that I seemed to really make it mad. GD UI wouldn't load and gave me a nice white screen with that console error. I ended up using the API to delete the entire dashboard. That is how I remember the sequence of events at least. If you have logs for our cloud environment you might be able to verify my actions
The case is that you will need to delete the insight also from the layout itself. You can GET the current layout
, delete the corresponding insight from it and PUT the modified layout back. That should do the trick.