Hello, Has anyone ever received the following err...
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Hello, Has anyone ever received the following error after clearing the cache?
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A result cache error has occurred during the calculation of the result
I thought this might be a timing thing and something the server may need to resolve on its own but I am stumped on what to even look for here...
Well, an underlying table column name changed accidentally and that seemed to be the cause. This error was not immediately evident, but i guess that is because the SQL changed and the LDM stayed the same? I will remember to check this in the future in the event that I see this again
This may be really painful. I suggested in my article to setup a robust data pipeline containing also execution of tests. When you define e.g. dbt models and GoodData LDM in the same git repo, you deliver it consistently, and test it, it should be safe enough. The demo pipeline is open sourced, feel free to reuse it in any way. Article: https://medium.com/gooddata-developers/extending-ci-cd-data-pipeline-with-meltano-7de3bce74f57