Hello all, Our dashboard feels a bit slow and we ...
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Hello all, Our dashboard feels a bit slow and we have optimized our indexes quite well (we believe). But we were wondering if there was any support / documentation for seeing what queries are being run by the GD Cloud service on our dashboard to see about optimizing them properly. I found old docs that relate to this topic but wasn't sure if there was something else I had missed.
Hi Jake, we do have a general guide about database performance HERE, but nothing regarding specific queries.
We provide AFM explain resource available for low-level inspection what queries are being sent to database. It can be used also from browser, if you open some specific report using "Analyze" tab and replace the last URL part (
) with
. It will download a ZIP archive "explainAfm.zip" containing low-level information about report and its computation, including report.json.qt.opt.sql with actual query that was sent to your database.
I suppose you use PostgreSQL database. There is an option to log queries (with explains) running longer than a configurable limit to files to disk.
IMHO, we should think about how we could expose these details transparently to customers. I will file an internal Jira describing the use case.