Hello, I am having an interesting issue with Stat...
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Hello, I am having an interesting issue with Static Date Ranges on my dashboard. I have a Date in my LDM called
, and as you may have guessed, it has a lowest granularity of just to the day, i.e.
and not
I am getting the following issue when i look at the network requests
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  "title": "Bad Request",
  "status": 400,
  "detail": "No such granularity for tuple 'ObjectIdentifier(type=DATASET, space=7126d19db5494f37bffd10deef9b6f23, id=day)/MINUTE'.",
  "traceId": "1113d8b8dea0dc8c"
I suppose my question would be is there anyway to remove the time granularity on the date range filter here? The lowest granularity we go to is the day of the year. I thought this was on the LDM but it doesn't appear so. I could be mistaken on what the LDM is intending here.
Hi Jake, The error on our side indicates that your’re filtering the insight by minutes, but such granularity does not exist in the dataset as you already explained. It’s not possible to remove the time filter from the date filter, but you could add some dummy timestamp to the data if it’s too much trouble, or alternatively, you can try working with the default time filter if applicable:
You can also use the relative periods filter where you can work with day granularity:
Thanks for the information. What do you mean by this:
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alternatively, you can try working with the default time filter if applicable:
Leaving the time filter as: 00:00 - 23:59
gotcha, when i do that i get that error though
so i am assuming i am going to have to add a dummy timestamp then
it just feels a bit misleading to the user, i guess. I wonder if it makes sense to limit the date range picker functionality based upon which Date you are using and its lowest granularity. Just an opinion 🙂
Adding in dummy timestamps makes sense and is a potentially viable solution. I also see what Moises is saying with regards to Relative Period. In most cases, you can achieve the same effect as Static Period by doing some napkin math and using Relative Period. While Relative Period has the advantage of working with varying degrees of granularity, it’s really unintuitive for use cases that are a better fit for Static Period. Ideally, you would just be able to choose what granularity you want when using Static Period.
@Jake Marcotte, just one more thing. It can also work if you select the Hour, Minute granularity in the LDM:
Ahh so setting that on the LDM actually did not help and made it worse... Weird. I assumed setting that granularity would change the functionality on dashboards when using that field, but noted. Thank you