Hi I've got a question, could not find it in any d...
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Hi I've got a question, could not find it in any docs. Does gooddata support connecting to Azure data lake storage? or utilizes hadoop distributed file system
Data analysis frameworks that use HDFS as their data access layer can directly access Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 data through ABFS
Hi Jonathan, As far as I know, we only support the connection to Azure SQL. Please let me verify this internally. I will get back to you with my findings shortly.
Thanks for holding on in there. Unfortunately, it is really not supported right now. However, our GD Platform support direct connection to the Azure Blob, if that helps.
Thanks Ivana for looking into this, yeah we were hoping to utilize azure data lake. Would you know if connecting to azure data lake or hadoop protocol be in the roadmap?
Hi Ivana, Just read more on azure data lake storage, it is build upon azure blob storage. So perhaps possible to interact with gooddata via blob storage