Hello, I’m attempting to use the ``` /api/v1/auth...
# gooddata-cloud
Hello, I’m attempting to use the
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endpoint to delete a user, but am getting this result:
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"detail": "No API path found that matches request '/api/v1/layout/users/*****@*****.com'.",
    "status": 404,
    "title": "Not Found",
    "traceId": "acb765134f06d171"
despite this user appearing in our list that is found at /api/v1/layout/users
Hi Nicholas, the API endpoint for user management in GoodData Cloud is
. The API call to delete users is documented here.
Got it, what is this section of the documentation for?
(Found just below the section you linked)
Hi Nicholas,
API endpoints are used for creating users within the internal OpenID Connect provider in the on-premise (GoodData.CN) product. Because the GoodData Cloud does not use this internal provider, these endpoints are not available there. I think this is a bug in our newly structured API documentation. I will report it to the documentation team to fix it. Sorry for the confusion.
Thanks @Peter Plochan!