Hello, I'm trying to set up auth0 sso for a whitel...
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Hello, I'm trying to set up auth0 sso for a whitelabeled cloud native application. I'm currently at the step where I'm trying to set up the Service Provider-initiated Scenario for goodData. This is the endpoint I'm trying to POST to: https://dashboards.goarrowsup.com/gdc/domains/goarrowsup/authentication/providers , but I keep getting this response: 405 Not Allowed. Is there some permission I need to allow to continue? Also, is the domainId correct? It's confusing because the documentation doesn't explain how domain ids work for whitelabeled sites.
Hi Daniel, I’m afraid this is not supported yet in GoodData Cloud and the steps in the article you are following only work for GoodData Platform. If you want to set up your own authentication provider, you need to follow the steps here: Set Up Authentication Using OpenID Connect Identity Provider | GoodData Cloud Native
You can differentiate the correct documentation to follow by making sure the article is under “Cloud”
Okay, what is the organization hostname referenced in step 1 of Set up an OAuth2 Client?
@Moises Morales ^^
Hi Daniel, that’s the hostname that you are using to access your GoodData analytics.
So, the callback url would be
Also, where do you input this url in auth0? Is this also a SAML2 Web App?
I’ve checked the current settings of your hostname
and it looks like you are still using “ManagedOIDC”. This means that the OIDC Identity Provider is managed exclusively by GoodData. If I understand it properly, you are trying to set your own Provider right now. Please correct me if I am wrong here.
That is correct. Trying to use auth0
Please not that firstly, the entitlement needs to be changed on our end. Otherwise you won’t be able to use your own OIDC IdP.
I can loop in my colleagues responsible for the ManagedOIDC in GoodData, or you can contact us via email support@gooddata.com and simply tell us, you’d like to use your own Provider for the hostname dashboards.goarrowsup.com.
Okay, I can send the email.
But I'll almost certainly be back with more questions soon. Thanks!
Thank you and sure thing - happy to help anytime! 😉
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