For the PDF export API call /api/v1/actions/worksp...
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For the PDF export API call /api/v1/actions/workspaces/{workspaceId}/export/visual, I have a working script that is successfully creating a PDF of an existing dashboard, but every page has a grey filename, date in the header and grey page indicator in the footer. For some use cases, this is fine or even preferred. However I have another use case for grabbing a simple scorecard where I’d like no such metadata at all, since it’s meant to be a simple view into a simple insight. I’m assuming that to change the behavior you need to pass something via the metadata field as shown here. However I can’t find another reference to what you can pass here to make such changes. Can anyone point me in the right direction to alter the export/visual resulting output not to have the header and footer data that is there by default?
Hi Kevin, as the support for PDF export is released in beta, I believe we cannot expect any standardized set of
tags as of now. GD Platform has it implemented this way, however this doesn't work in GD Cloud yet. I hope I am able to re-write my answer soon 😉
🎉 New note created.