Hello guys, Is it possible to move a workspace to ...
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Hello guys, Is it possible to move a workspace to a different segment withing the same product? Thanks
Hi Luis, I think the easiest option would be using grey pages and navigate to Domain => LCM:
From there, you can locate specific data product and specific client (or segment), click on “self” value and you will be able to specify the workspace ID (example bellow):
This also offers a possibility to delete the client (or change it). You can do the same with segment master workspace.
just note, that if the segments have different LDM or dashboards etc, this move will not do any change to the workspace structure and won’t align it to the new segment structure (it won’t change its model or dashboards anyhow, just “reconnects” it).
So if I understood correctly I can use this move: 1. Create new client (under new segment) 2. Update new client with workspace id from old segment By doing this I can keep user access and dashboards unchanged because I'm just reconnecting the workspace to a different clientID. It won't align LDM, dashboards etc within the new segment but I can always rollout the segment master version and fix it, right? Thanks for the help guys.
Yes, with a few buts: • I believe client ID has to be unique within a dataproduct (not segmemt) so you might need to first remove the original client (you can keep the workspace) • Rollout will handle the change of structure, but beware of the "synchronize_ldm" parameter. For performance reasons you might have enabled a mode for LDM change by rollout is not to compare each client workspace with the master, but only compare once to calculate the diff and then apply the diff to all the clients. If one of the clients has different model, this approach will likely fail. Default is now to do the diff agains failed workspace, so just in case you had different value.