Hey team, follow up question. For a date dimension...
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Hey team, follow up question. For a date dimension value, I need to build a query to check if the value is not set. I can use logical condition for not equals with
, however, how to check against
(empty value)
so the MQL metric query is
SELECT ... WHERE Date <> (empty value)
Hi Māris, For the start, could you please confirm whether you are using GoodData Cloud or GoodData Platform product?
If you are using GoodData Platform, what my colleague stated above should work. In the metric editor, choose the corresponding date aggregation and pick up
(empty value)
from list of attribute values. Example bellow:
Apologies, I misunderstood how to select the
(empty value)
All is good - for the date dimension attribute, I could select
empty value
from attribute values for the date dimension.
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Just to confirm - we are using GoodData Cloud.
In Cloud, you could use also something like this:
SELECT COUNT({label/order_id}) WHERE {label/date.day} NOT IN (NUll)
Next time, I would also suggest you to write into the #gooddata-cloud channel directly 🙂 Thanks!
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