Hello team, I need help in building MQL metric. Fo...
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Hello team, I need help in building MQL metric. For the query, the requirement is to get the data when the date has been set. That is,
SELECT SUM(Amount) Where ID = 1234etc and Date
where Date is a date dimension value. Currently, I don't know how to create a query for date dimension that checks if it has been set, that the field exists.
Hello Māris, Have you tried to use a condition similar to the one below, please?
WHERE Date <> (empty value)
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@Ivana Gasparekova for me it is a challenge to find in documentation the equivalent for empty value. Is there a way to enter logical statement not equal to undefined, .e.g,
WHERE Date <> null
Apologies, I misunderstood how to select the
(empty value)
All is good - for the date dimension attribute, I could select
empty value
from attribute values for the date dimension.
No worries about that, I am glad that it works for you. In your secondary thread here, I’ve noticed that you are working with GoodData Cloud. For more adequate answers, I’d suggest to use the #gooddata-cloud next time. 😉
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