Hi team, in Dashboards, is it possible to setup fi...
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Hi team, in Dashboards, is it possible to setup filter with fixed values? Our use case, we want to share dashboard with only one filter criteria selected. Is it possible to "lock-in" values selected in the filter? Or other approach should be given? @Bianca Moldovan
Hi @Māris Zemgalis, when working with Dashboard filters you can configure them to use Single Values instead of multiple selections. When editing the dashboard, click the Filter and then the
button. From there, you’ll be able to select the
Single value
option. You can then select the desired value and save the dashboard. From then on, it will be loaded with this value as the default. Users will still be able to change it to other options if they want to, though. At the moment it’s not possible to set a hidden Dashboard filter. If you’d like to set an invisible filter, I’d recommend doing it on the Insight, or even Metric level. Take a look at Filters in the GoodData Platform for more info!
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@Francisco Antunes thank you, this helps a lot.
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