Hi GD team, we have been using a custom calendar f...
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Hi GD team, we have been using a custom calendar for a couple of years with no issues, however today it stopped working for metrics involving this attribute filter:
Week (Mon-Sun) (Custom Calendar) < THIS
It works fine when using:
Week (Sun-Sat) (Custom Calendar) < THIS
Which is quite odd to suddenly occur so I am wondering if the uploaded calendar has a typo or similar. So two questions: 1. any ideas what might cause this metric to not work? 2. Is there a way to download the custom calendar template that was uploaded via csv file and gray pages last year? (the actual original csv file wasn't saved in a shared location and has been lost)
I don’t think there is a way how to get the custom calendar data out of the system in the form they were uploaded, but if you are using PixelPerfect reports I think you should be able to build a report that will give you the different column values for each day. If you only use objects from the date dimension, it should return all the rows in it. Also you can find sample calendar files with 150 years of data (not your custom one) here: https://help.gooddata.com/doc/enterprise/en/dashboards-and-insights/manage-custom-date-dimensions/#ManageCustomDateDimensi[…]ingwithanArbitraryMonth So maybe combining those two can give you what you need?
Thanks Michal, I ended up reuploading the custom calendar and the issue went away so I assume there was just a typo in the one previously uploaded
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