Hello guys, While working on our LDM we removed/d...
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Hello guys, While working on our LDM we removed/deleted some columns and now during the load process we are getting missing labels validation errors. So apparently the fields are deleted from the UI but not behind the scenes, is there a way we could physically delete this labels? Thanks
Hi Luis, could you tell us a little more about how you deleted these columns? Was it done via the LDM screen, or via the Manage tab (using the red Delete button on the attribute screen)?
Hello Francisco, we did it using the manage tab as you mentioned.
In this case, the attribute was not deleted, but only hidden from the UI (it has the
"deprecated" : "1"
flag). In order to fix this, it would be necessary to first un-hide the missing attributes, and then delete them properly via the LDM screen. Here is how to do that via the Grey Pages: • We start by accessing the Grey Pages for each missing label, via the URL with the following structure: https/{HOSTNAME}/gdc/md/{WORKSPACE ID}/obj/identifierlabel.merchant.merchantidshort ◦ note that you need to replace the bit after
with each label’s name (copied from the mapping validation logs). I used
as an example here. • You will end up on the Gray Page of that label (not the attribute) - basically a metadata definition in JSON • on that page locate
(it will be somewhere around the top part and there will be a link (/gdc/md/{WORKSPACE_ID}/obj/{SOME_NUMBER}. Click this link ◦ You will end up on the Grey Page of the attribute. Scroll all the way down to the
section and you should see
"deprecated" : "1"
there. • To unhide follow these steps: ◦ check that the URL is https:/{HOSTNAME}/gdc/md/{WORKSPACE_ID}/obj/{SOME_NUMBER} ◦ add
at the end of the URL and hit Enter ◦ the contents of page will load in a simple text editor ◦ scroll all the way down and change the
"deprecated" : "1"
"deprecated" : "0"
. Do not modify anything else. ◦ hit “Submit” ◦ your attribute should now be restored and visible in the UI Once that’s done you will be able to see them in the LDM again. Then, you can proceed to delete them via the LDM Modeler instead, which should properly remove them. Let me know if you have any questions or run into any trouble during this process!
Thanks, It worked!
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