Hello, - When comparing This Year vs last year sa...
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Hello, • When comparing This Year vs last year same period: Are we comparing this YTD VS last YTD? Or This full year VS Last full year? • Is it possible for an explorer to calculate a % difference between the last two columns (preferably YTD VS LastYTD)?
Hello Hans, Comparison functionality is fully controlled by your Date filter preferences and metrics, that you apply it on. More information can be found here. Users assigned with Explorer user role can create and edit insights without a problem. They can also access, create, and edit Dashboards, if needed. Just the Manage page is not available for them.
Hello Ivana, • So, this YTD vs Last YTD comparison is possible. • and Explorers can also create metrics 🙂 Great!
Hi, if im not mistaken it is comparison of two years -> 2022 vs 2023. Ytd is not taken into account, unless you specify this inside of a matric.