Hi... Have successfully populated the GEO Chart us...
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Hi... Have successfully populated the GEO Chart using City, Lat and Long with pushpins mapping in the LDM. However the metric being used in the report is grouping basis the City name and not taking into consideration the Lat,Long values. Now, since there is a London in USA and London in GB, the metric, being summed (SUM) basis the city name, is being applied to both the plots on the Graph.. Eg. London in USA = 5 and London in GB = 10 so the value population for both point on the graph is 15. Is this something which can be managed...?
Hello @Juzer Dhuliawala, does your dataset look somehow like this?
If so, then I would try to update it to the form where: 1. Cities are not distinguished by their names, but rather by something unique. E.g., an ID, this could be even an artificial one. 2. Adding city name as an text label to the ID and marking it as a default one. This way the UI will display city name, but aggregations will work according to the expectations. The displayed value can be changed anytime in the UI. See the attachment with an example.
Hey @Tomas Muchka Thanks for the insights... I was able to resolve the issue as you suggested. I used a new ID attribute method...
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