Hi All :wave: I have encountered a strange error t...
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Hi All 👋 I have encountered a strange error today while trying to review logs of previous runs of data load. This is not something which I have observed before, hence wanted to know if there is any central outage. usage: GoodData Platform When I click on "view log", I see below response. GoodData Resource
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  "error": {
    "errorClass": "com.gooddata.msf.processes.log.LogNotFoundException",
    "trace": "",
    "message": "Neither plain-text execution log nor its zipped version has been found using path=gdc/msf/log/executions/default/fl22vxjcejnhpmkgr5mdxn0irnaebmvk/20231116/723a9e12-d80a-44b4-944d-b6f760c89439_655647b1c50486094972fcc6.log",
    "component": "MSF",
    "errorId": "15fc3225-3091-4dde-8569-950fd8d26652",
    "errorCode": "msf.process.execution.log.notfound",
    "parameters": []
There is not a global issue that would cause this. We are obliged to provide the audit logs only for projects with a special security setting - Enterprise Shield. https://help.gooddata.com/doc/en/platform-security-and-compliance/enterprise-shield • The execution logs are available only for 10 days - And this is why you’re unable to see older logs.
Hi @Shankar Mahindar, The PATH from your error message
indicates that you are trying to review the LOG entry from Nov 16th 2023. Please be aware that Process LOG in DISC is being available only for 10 retrospective days. This information is also mentioned in our Platform limits under the Data Transformation=>Process Log Retention.