Hello, Is it possible to manage user access to Gr...
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Hello, Is it possible to manage user access to Gray Pages for a specific workspace?
Hi Luis, through GreyPages you are not able to mange (Add/Remove) users from workspaces. Through GreyPages you can validate who already has access to the workspace via:
Or you can see a list of all available workspaces with the user you’re currently logged with via:
But managing access through the GreyPages resources is not supported.
Hello Michael, I probably did not explain myself properly. I want to know, for example, if I can block specific users (explorer role) from accessing GreyPages of their workspace.
Hi Luis, sorry for misunderstanding your question initially. It is not possible to limit the access of a user to GreyPages, however the roles in the project play a big part in what the users can see in GreyPages. The role with the least privileges is “Viewer” and what the user can do with this role can be found here: https://help.gooddata.com/doc/enterprise/en/workspace-and-user-administration/managing-users-in-workspaces/user-roles/user-roles-permissions/