I am back with an old issue. Last time we discusse...
# gooddata-platform
I am back with an old issue. Last time we discussed it, we found a workaround, but the workaround doesn’t work for more complex metrics. Here the problem: We want to show data over time (e.g. per months), but when some months don’t have data associated with them (easily happening with multiple dimensions), they just get skipped. We would simply want a way to show continuous data for a time axis, so we don’t want to skip those months. This is a feature that we know from many other solutions, e.g. Tableau. Here is the workaround: Given a metric
SELECT SUM(some_fact)
producing gaps, switch over to
SELECT 1 * IFNULL(SUM(some_fact), 0)
. I am now stuck on a case, where I’d not want to show 0 but the value of the previous month if no value is given. Fighting with this one for a few hours already. Even if this is doable by extending this workaround: Can we please add this also as a feature request?
🎉 New note created.