Hi All, I'm running into another error with SSO pr...
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Hi All, I'm running into another error with SSO provider creation, after sending a request to create a PGP SSO provider, I am including my provider name and public key (on one line with line-breaks replaced with "\n"). I am getting this response: {"response":{"error":{"errorClass":"Error","trace":"","message":"Can not parse public key","component":"auth-service","errorId":"49ee4412-9b5e-4b82-a1c8-c810efb4ff9d","errorCode":"gdc007","parameters":[]}}}
HI Paul, I’m sorry your facing the issue. From our logs I can see the following error: “Can’t find any public key in the input stream” Could you please rather try the steps on our documentation: How to Generate a Public-Private Key Pair Also please double check the steps on our documentation to create the SSO provider: GoodData PGP Single Sign-On
Hi Joseph, thanks for your reply. I have checked everything and realised that the PHP function json_encode was escaping "\n" in the JSON body so they were sending as "\\n". After stripping out the extra slash the request is working. Thanks for your help.
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