Hello, I'm trying to set up an SSO provider, but a...
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Hello, I'm trying to set up an SSO provider, but am getting a "Can be accessed only by domain admin" error. I'm pretty sure my user is an admin, so maybe my domain is wrong? I'm using the API URL "https://mydomain.com/gdc/domains/mydomain.com/authentication/providers" is the domain id correct here?
Hi Paul, you’ll need to update the URL with your domain details, as highlighted below: https://`<Your-Domain>`/gdc/domains/`<Your-Domain>`/authentication/providers
Hi Michael, thanks for your reply. I am using my real domain in place of mydomain.com in my real API requests, but am still getting the error.
In the second domain parameter - You need to put the domain ID and not the URL, for example: https://`mydomain.com`/gdc/domains/`mydomain`/authentication/providers
Ah thank you, that looks like it works! For clarification my working URL is like this: https://subdomain.mydomain.com/gdc/domains/mydomain/authentication/providers
Great! Glad to hear that works for you 🙂
BTW if you ever need to determine the domain_id, with a currently logged in user you can go to
(with your proper GoodData hostname) or call an API
. And you will receive back information about current user with
part and there is
in form of
Thanks Michal, that's very useful to know đź‘Ť