Hello all, I was running an LCM Workspace Provisi...
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Hello all, I was running an LCM Workspace Provisioning Brick when I noticed that there was a wrong configuration on my send, so I decided to manually stop the execution in order to fix it but now the execution appears to be stucked in "MANUALLY STOPPED" mode and doesnt allow me to restart it. Is there a way to check the status of the execution and forcibly stop it via an API? Thanks,
Hi Luis, Unfortunately, there is no way how to stop already running process at this stage. The stop button in the UI (also triggerable via this API) is for cancelling upcoming queued processes or to stop the process in its earliest stage (before actual data-load initiation). You will need to wait until the brick finishes and then re-run it again with correct parameters.
Hello Julius, thank you for the reply. Indeed after a while the execution stopped with "Scheduler error" and after I corrected the parameters it run successfully. Thanks.