Hi all, regarding drill paths: When selecting an A...
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Hi all, regarding drill paths: When selecting an Attribute on which a drill path is defined by an Admin, an Editor sees the following text. Double-click an attribute heading to drill down into the data. Drill-down paths are pre-defined by report creators. Please make this text more clear. My opinion: Since the text is greyed out, I imagine users feel they don't have the proper rights to update it. But the fact that this is followed by the "Drill-down paths are pre-defined by report creators." gives the them impression that when creating a new insight (notice the old lingo) they do have the option to change the drill path - which I believe is not correct.
Hi Hans, Thank you for noticing and reporting this, appreciated! However, the wording “pre-defined” doesn’t really give a feeling that it can be changed by Editors or Viewers. I agree that mention of “reports” from Pixel Perfect might be bit confusing here. I will reach internally to responsible teams to review the whole messaging and ask them to make it more suitable also for users of Responsive UI, who work with Insights.
Hi Hans, I just wanted to let you know we have opened an internal ticket to have our docs team review the language in this instance. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
Thank you!