Hello :wave: Why changing of the `First Day Of We...
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Hello 👋 Why changing of the
First Day Of Week
configuration is not reflected in the dashboard? If I select Monday, I still see Sunday as a first day of week in Date picker, and even more troublesome is Week range below the chart [Week(Sun-Sat)] and I would expect to see Mon-Sun here. Is this a bug or I didn’t configure it in correct place?
Hi Bilal, Unfortunately, at this time we do not support the “Mon-Sun” week format in Analytical Designer. The change of setting that you’ve made would be only relevant for the older UI that we call Pixel Perfect, but it is not reflected/supported in Responsive UI yet. We are aware of this limitation and we plan to implement this option in the future. But at this time we have no ETA on when this will come to fruition. Please accept my apology for any inconveniences caused by this.
Thank you Ivana for a quick and straight answer, I appreciate it
You are welcome, I will highlight your experience to our Product team again. I am pretty sure that many customers would benefit from “Mon-Sun Week” option.
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That would be awesome, thank you 🙏
I full agree on that point. This is really important for European users ! A must have.
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🎉 New note created.