Anyone have any experience connecting good data to...
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Anyone have any experience connecting good data to Apache Cassandra?
Hi Vincil, currently we don't support direct connection to Apache Cassandra. it might be possible by utilizing Appache Drill or Dremio. However, I would like to pass this to our product team as a feedback. Before I do so, could you please describe your use-case a little bit? Many thanks!
Actually, I now realized that you are asking about GD platform (where we don't support Appache Drill or Dremio). In that case, the data would have to be transferred to one of the supported datasources first.
Sorry, I actually was asking about cloud native
and drill was probably what I was thinking of maybe trying
A far as the use case... I am looking for an alternative to Redshift... so was hoping Cassandra could be a contender
Thanks for the info!
🎉 New note created.