Bug Report tl;dr: I should be able to a thing, be...
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Bug Report tl;dr: I should be able to a thing, because I have the right permission to do the thing. But I can't do the thing. Description: My user is a member of the
user group. This user group has the
permission for the entire organization. Because of this, I should be able to do everything. No restrictions whatsoever. However, this is not the case. We have a workspace hierarchy that looks like this...
root -> child
. The hierarchy actually goes deeper than that, but it doesn't matter. The point is... I am able to edit the logical data model of the root workspace, but not the child workspace. Based on how the docs describe you permissions model, I should be able to do this. Deployment: GoodData Cloud
Hi John, this is not caused by permissions but by current feature set. LDM Modeler does not provide the capability to customize the parent LDM model. As of now, it is only possible to extend the parent LDM with new datasets through declarative APIs, e.g. /api/v1/layout/workspaces/<child_ws_id>/logicalModel. We plan to allow it in the LDM Modeler as well as to allow extending existing parent datasets, but no release date is known yet.