Hi guys, we have a workspace called "gooddata" and...
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Hi guys, we have a workspace called "gooddata" and there is a user with rights "VIewer (Embedded only)" and SSO authentication. IN this workspace there are also two Private dashboards (attachment1), shared only with one Admin user and no any other. But, in embedded reporting, under this "Viewer (Embedded only)" user we can see all dashboards (attachment2). How it is possible and what we have to set up to see only non-private dashboards? Thanks! 🙏
Hi Ludek, sharing is not actually a security feature. Users may access dashboards that are not shared with them through drilling or API. If this is not the case here - Please can you try and review your sharing settings in the dashboards based on the following following article? https://help.gooddata.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=104674343
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