Hi all, I have rather interesting scenario in my a...
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Hi all, I have rather interesting scenario in my app: I have an app with a dropdown (Assume values A and B) I login for the first time and I see the GD dashboards and insights working fine . This pertains to option A in my dropdown. However if I change a value from my dropdown selector (The values in the dropdown have their own associated encryptedClaims), the app refreshes, but the new dashboard/insight doesn’t show up and instead I get a FORBIDDEN error. The case gets interesting because if I force refresh my browser, the new data for B(insights) appears normally. NOTE: 1. My dashboards Insights remain same through the app life cycle. I apply filters based on my dropdown value (A or B) to “slice”and show parts of the Insights 2. The encryptedClaims for option A and B are correctly attached to outgoing requests and the cookies change accordingly. Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks in advance
Hi Neeraj, could you please post your question on the correct channel? https://gooddataconnect.slack.com/archives/C01UR5BGAHY This will guarantee it’s not overlooked by the relevant parties. Thanks.
Thanks @Moises Morales. Done