Hi, i have a question about Good Success (not sure...
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Hi, i have a question about Good Success (not sure if it fits here or beginners group) - I would like to customise
Active users
report (
dashboard) to be able to see it per user group. But i don’t see
as an attribute of Users or any other dataset in LDM. Is it possible it’s named somehow different? If it’s not there, can it be added? If no, could you advise any alternative way to track the activity per users groups? thanks much
Hi Masha, I think you did choose the right forum, both groups would be just fine to use for such question. I am bit afraid, we are not tracking the User group activities in GoodSuccess workspace, but I will rather double-check this internally and get back to you with more details. In the meanwhile, could you let me know what analytics would you be interested in, please?
Hello Masha, user groups are unfortunately not support in GoodSuccess. I have noted the requirement for possible future improvements however I’m not able to tell when(/if) it will be delivered. I can not see any easy workaround here. You can either define the groups as filtered reports which will mean categorise all users manually. Second approach may be to use some of the “User” object metadata values (like position, company or country…) to store information about group (this can work if you utilise user provisioning)
@Ivana Gasparekova replying your question - we can roll out some generic dashboard and would like to see which department is using it more actively. plus some departments are significantly bigger than other ones so we’d like to check the involvement percentage within a group rather than impact of individual contributors. at the same time some individual contributors are active on behalf of the group (eg one team member creates insights and others just use them) so for those cases we would like to attribute that activity to the whole group. hope that helps you guys to evaluate whether this feature needs a prio in your scope. thank you both for clarifications of the current state of things! @Marek Zelc could you please specify what exactly do you mean by ‘categorise all users manually’? I assume it’s not possible to create a new category (attribute called group) and then distribute users among different groups using maql like: if user email ….@… then group = ‘devs’, right?
I meant to pick the users to filters - create report showing “devs” engagement where you select the emails in the filter. Then you can create custom dashboard showing more similar reports with different filters. Still this is heavily manual work. If there are different email domains within the user, there is also “User Login Domain” attribute that may help in the case
ah, ok, got it, i’ll consider this option, thank you
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Fingers crossed for you, Masha!
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