Hey guys, I have a problem with a private dashboar...
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Hey guys, I have a problem with a private dashboard (in DEV) that I need to delete, but after running the Release brick, the private dashboard keeps rising from hell. First I only deleted it from the master workspace because the new Master_Basic#xx and all clinet workspaces are created from this workspace right? But this doesn't work. Second time I deleted this private dashboard from master & all Master BASIC xx (bricked) desktops and deleted private dashboard is still there. I ended up with deleting it from all existing wokspaces and what happened? This empty private dashboard is here again like a nightmare 😱 Any idea why this happened? Thanks!
hello, this dashboard exists in your development master workspaces, although it might be hidden because it was created as private by a different user. You will need to delete the dashboard from there, release a new master and run rollout
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