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This can be achieved by using a Column Chart and view the data by year (date) as shown in the screenshot below:
Let me know if this helps
Hey Moises, Unfortunately this does not answer my question. I want to group by month & location, with each group having one bar per year+location. It's an entirely different (and more complex) situation
You may try to use “Month of Year” granularity of Date in “View by” and add metric multiple times into “Metrics” and filter each of them differently (This year, Last year, 2 years ago
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How can I add that filter per metric? Dates don't come up in the attribute filter:
Using “Filter by date”. It may be disabled if you do not see it. See “Enable filtering metrics by date” in the documentation.
Nice! So after fiddling around, this works! Using the View By Date-Month/Year didn't work, but I exposed an attribute called "Month" that creates categories that are just the month, not the month year, and that way it works:
Thanks for your help @Jakub Sterba!