Good morning! We would like for our first implemen...
# gooddata-platform
Good morning! We would like for our first implementation of GoodData to work with the CE on production. This is just a single container versus a K8s setup. We went over the documentation. Are there limitations, in example the number of workspaces (we will license to 10) for the CE?
Hi, contractually there is only limitation fo CE production use and that is possible data sources. Only Opensource data sources can be used for production, so out of supported ines it is postgress and drill. No other functional limitations. Of course, performance wise you have to count with fact that single docker image with all the services inside will perform worse (response time, large datasets handling etc.) than k8 deployments. But this depends on usecase and you need to test whether it fullfill your needs as based on you data size etc.
Hi Martin, thank you for your answer. We will have licences for CN while using CE. Its just temporary that we want to work with the CE in production. We work with postgress, so it seems that we will be fine! For the first few monts we think it will work for our usecase. This will give us some time to set up K8s. Thank you again.