Hi, I used the Accelerator Toolkit to create react...
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Hi, I used the Accelerator Toolkit to create react app (gooddata platform) and it's working fine with <InsightView> after authentication (logging in). Then I tried to embed the Analytical Designer to the app using Iframe as mentioned in the doc
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<iframe src="<https://secure.gooddata.com/analyze/embedded/#/{workspace_id}/reportId/edit>" frameborder="0"></iframe>
but it is showing Log in to GoodData instead although I'm logged in my app. So any idea how to show Iframe without logging in again ?
Hi Mohammad*,* have you implemented SSO already? You can use either PGP or SAML SSO, we have the following Community articles that will walk you through the whole process: GoodData.UI: SAML SSO Example | The GoodData Community GoodData.UI: PGP SSO Example | The GoodData Community Also, just to be on the safe side, please remember to use your own domain instead of our default domain (
) wherever it is used as an example in our documentation
No, I didn't implement SSO. I'm logging in using the authentication implemented by the accelerator toolkit and for the domain yes I'm replacing it with my domain. So the only way to fix it is by implementing SSO ?
SSO is the preferred authentication method for accessing GoodData embedded components.
Note that the articles sent previously mention contacting Support for the implementation, but this is now completely self service. You can find the API calls to create the provider in our API documentation. This article may be useful as well: Getting started with SSO | The GoodData Community
ok will check, thanks