It is possible to perform a left join when connect...
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It is possible to perform a left join when connecting a dataset to a reference data set? I believe the default behavior is a inner join
Hi Chris. You are correct. In GoodData reporting only the INNER JOIN is used, and there’s no way to force LEFT JOIN.
Actually, there are workaround solution in some case. @Jakub Sterba can you elaborate on this, please? Is it documented anywhere? If not, could you create a Jira? 😉
Hi, it is true that simple metrics such as
select sum(fact)
use inner join with dimension datasets. The IFNULL function used in arithmetics expression may however force the engine to use left outer join. The operand with IFNULL function is left joined to the operand on the other side. Let me point you to the following article in Community. I think you may find it handy. @Chris Patino, may I ask you what is the use case and if you need to perform the left outer join always or only in some insights?