hello, I would like to use map-visualisations, ho...
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hello, I would like to use map-visualisations, how can those be enabled in the visualisation panel ? thanks
hi Ivana Geo maps
I am not seeing the map visu
Thanks for the confirmation. Have you configured your data as navigated here, please?
yes, we have lan+lat but not in our data yet, so it will enable when it is in there
I see. Please, could you confirm how do you use your GoodData? Are you using GoodData.CN or GoodData Free? GeoCharts are available for the Free plan by default, but they were not implemented into the GD.CN yet.
hi @Ivana Gasparekova we re using GD CN
on our product we can't use geo maps ?
would it be possible to add Geo-maps to GD.CN ?
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Hi Gorden, We do intend to add the geo charts support to our product and itโ€™s quite high on our priorities list. I am aiming for the beginning of Q4 with the initial release.
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