hi ```{"detail":"Some of given referenced 'labels...
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{"detail":"Some of given referenced 'labels' entities do not exist. Not existing IDs: [Identifier(myTable.myField)/Workspace(myWorkspace)]","status":400,"title":"Bad Request","traceId":"9b7898da04f53d3f"}HTTP/1.1 100 Continue
I deleted myTable, but still I am getting this error. How can I trace back where myTable.myField is still used ?
Hi Gorden, where do you get the error from exactly? filter, metric, insight or? are you using gooddata.cn ? and the goal is to get a list of all objects where the field is used? (like analytical objects such as metrics, insights, dashboards) thanks for the details
hey, we solved it 🙂 thanks
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Hi @Zuzana Bednarova
it happened nearly every organization layout export and import when we would like to move our workspaces from one environment to another. It seems these are broken references but it’s very annoying because we need to delete these by hand from the organization layout JSON (and we may do mistakes as well). Today we faced with this again. Are there any solution for this? Running some maintaining script or anything on the exported organization JSON? Thanks
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{"detail":"Some of given referenced 'labels' entities do not exist. Not existing IDs: [Identifier(tblstatus.errorcode)/Workspace(clientworkspace),...
@Julius Kos pls help if you can in the above stuff ^^
It’s in Gooddata CN 2.0.1
and when exporting and importing through API call (/api/v1/layout/organization)
it seems these are unused and some already deleted metrics/labels but somehow it’s exported by the application but the import will validate and throws a lot of errors about the already deleted and referenced fields…can we fix it somehow easily? Do you haven any cleanup script which can do the job on the JSON?