Hi - I was very excited to see the latest platform...
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Hi - I was very excited to see the latest platform release enabling the legend sorting to align with the chart. However, when I set enableReversedStacking = true, nothing changes. The legend for my horizontal stacked bar is still out of order. Any tips?
Screenshots below... I've tried toggling between true and false multiple times with no identifiable change.
Hey Mitchel, we are also reproducing this same behavior. Iā€™m going to reach out internally on this and we will follow up with our engineers.
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Hey Mitchel, Just wanted to let you know that there was a bit of hiccup with the release on this, and it will actually start working after the next release. We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, and will keep you posted with accurate details.
Ok, no worries! Thanks for the update
Do you happen to know the next release date? (And I won't hold you to it if there is another hiccup)
July 28th should be the next scheduled release
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Hi @Joseph Heun - Confirming the latest release is out, and I'm now seeing the colors sorting in the appropriate order. Thanks!
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