Hi I have a few questions about data storage on Go...
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Hi I have a few questions about data storage on Good Data. Firstly, is it possible to get an idea of storage used without the analytics package? Secondly, what are the other advantages of the analytics package other than being able to see the storage used? Finally, do the Good Data data limits apply per account or per workspace? Thanks for your help :)
Hello Paul, By the analytics package, do you mean the GoodSuccess add-on? You can check what other information is available there in our documentation here. In general the size of workspace data should be more or less equal to size of uncompressed csv files with the data loaded to the workspace. I don't think there's a simple way for you to check the workspace size out of the box other than the GoodSuccess or controlling the size of data loaded to the workspaces The workspace power tier is computed for each workspace separately, but they do not depend solely on the size of the workspace, but also on the usage (insight computation, frequency of dataloads and such). Or which exact limits do you have in mind?
Thanks Boris, that is the info I was looking for. I couldn't remember the GoodSuccess name! We found that for our test workspaces the storage was a lot higher than their source PostgreSQL databases so it makes sense that insight computation etc is included as we have a lot of metrics in use. It might be useful for us to look at GoodSuccess in the future.