Is it possible to query the data in a data model i...
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Is it possible to query the data in a data model in GoodData via an API? For example, let's say I had an accounts table in my data model in GoodData, and I wanted to query that table via an API (using SELECT * or something like that) to load the rows somewhere else, is that possible? If so, could you point me in the right direction in the documentation? I'm having trouble finding anything on this.
Hello @Mitchel Roling, are you using a hosted version of GoodData or the Cloud native one (GoodData.CN)?
In case of GoodData.CN we provide a foreign data wrapper functionality that allows to query the tables using SQL. The library is part of our Python Libraries.
@Tomas Muchka - Unfortunately I don't have CN. I'm on the Growth plan here:
Hi Mitchel, in the classic GD platform, you will need to create a report and then export that report as a csv file to use to analyze someplace else.
@Mitchel Roling please check our GoodData.UI typescript framework which allows to execute analytical queries. The framework uses fluent API instead of SQL, but the construction should be pretty straightforward. I would recommend to try out GoodData.UI first before trying to use raw APIs as the framework helps you to handle authentication etc.
@Joseph Heun - Yeah, I figured. Thanks!
@Tomas Muchka - Great, I'll give this a shot. Thanks!
🎉 New note created.