Hi All, GD noob here so apologies if this questio...
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Hi All, GD noob here so apologies if this question has been answered before. Is it possible to whitelist just the IP for your workspace or does the full server need to be whitelisted?
Hi Sean, what do you mean by “to whitelist just the IP for your workspace or the full server need to be whitelisted?“? You can whitelist our range of IP addresses based on a data centre your Gooddata domain resides. Those IPs are used by Gooddata platform data loading tools and you can whitelist those IPs on your server to be able to connect to your database behind firewall. Or you can set IP addresses range from which users are allowed to access the Gooddata platform (for example a user will be able to access your workspace/s only if he or she is connected to the network at work). This IP whitelisting can be set on individual user level or on the whole domain level.
Hi Jan, Thanks for that. So I was wondering for loading data if there was a singular specific IP I could whitelist for my workspace i.e. for xxxx.on.gooddata.com or had it to be a range of IP's which other users are also whitelisting, my CTO was questioning this from a security perspective as it is preferred we just whitelist certain IP's rather than ranges for the access to the server.
Hi Sean, you would be whitelisting the IP ranges for the whole GoodData datacenter which alsobother customers might be using. But only you and the users who you approve would have access to the datasource (path and credentials to be able to connect). This is how most of GoodData customers are using it If you needed some additional level of protection, I guess you could also set the allowed IP range on GoodData account level (on the one you will be using to load the data). That would mean that GoodData will only allow this user to log in to GoodData (and access the datasource and load the data) from a certain IP. This IP whitelist would be on a gooddata-user level and can be set via API by the domain administrator.
Thanks all for that.