Does Good Data offer any sort of natural language ...
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Does Good Data offer any sort of natural language generation?
Our Python SDK supports NLG/Q integration and @Jiri Zajic can help with that
wow nice let me take a look
Is there a link to that location in the docs? I am having trouble finding it
Hello @Vincil Bishop! I believe that this piece isn't actually linked anywhere in our official documentation β€” it was a fun project we did where we connected the GoodData platform with a custom server written in Python that used Fuzzywuzzy and other libraries to see if a simple NLQ would work. And as you can see in the screenshot at the bottom of the README β€” it totally did! πŸ˜‰
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This ☝️ is basically NLQ. In a totally unrelated project months earlier we also tried NLG. This time we redirected output from GoodData to another platform (Narrative Science) and we let it describe the results. You can see the outcome in the screenshots below πŸ‘‡
If you're interested in NLG or NLQ in more depth, let me know and I can tell you more β€” I actually worked on both of those projects πŸ™‚
oh wow... yeah... will probably dig into that as soon as I draft all of these charts
NLG is something we really want to offer in our I hope we can adapt it... thanks!
@hunger regnuh ^^
It looks like your NLG work with narrative science is more like what we are going for... I wonder what their acquisition by salesforce is going to do for the availability/compatibility of their product?
their website redirects to now
Take a look at
There might be some OpenSource/Python solution as well and we can explore it
yeah, rosaeNLG sounds promising, it uses the pug templating engine underneath it, i’m just a little hesitant since i haven’t found it used in production
Thanks...I have looked at arria... and that might be a possibility
rosaNLG purports to be used in production and production grade
We will take a look at it as well. Thanks!
Cc @Jiri Zajic