Hello! I have a workspaces that has a user is not...
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Hello! I have a workspaces that has a user is not listed as a user for the other admins, but somehow still has gotten access without having received an invitation? It also somehow is the workspace admin? The workspace & user pages looks different for the one user and it cannot see the others, and vice versa. I have no email invite in my inbox either. The page with three users are how we expected to set up to be, these users have been sent invites and the technical user created the workspace. However, when logging in to the user (Test Apelsin) it is somehow listed as the only admin and cannot see the other users at all. Even though Test Apelsin has not been invited by email or added by a user brick or API. Test Apelsin is admin on another workspace on the same domain, but that shouldn't be inherited between the workspace automatically somehow, right?
Hi Josefin, Could you please provide the user ID and workspace ID for the users in question here? It looks like there are two workspaces in your domain with that same name.
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Hi Joseph, thanks for the reply - turns out that was the case (two workspaces with the same name) and that explains it all. 🙂
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