Can I configure the release brick to release a dev...
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Can I configure the release brick to release a development master workspace to the same segment master workspace every time? I'm currently hitting my workspace number limit in dev because I'm attempting a release of an already released development master workspace to a segment master workspace of the same name. I couldn't find a parameter to release to the same workspace ID in the docs. So I manually deleted a client workspace to give space to the new release.
It seems that the provision brick provisions to the same client workspaces as before without creating duplicates. 😃 So the duplication only happens with the release brick?
Yes, only release brick is creating new version of master every time it runs. And it is not possible to make it use the same master workspace over again. BUT you can use the
parameter of the rollout brick (not release brick!) to clean up after the release brick. With this parameter set i.e. to 0 or 1, after a successful rollout, it will remove the older masters to keep your number of workspaces under control and not waste your workspaces for old masters.
Nice, nice. I'll definitely add that parameter 🙂
Would be a nice feature to have the release be able to use the same segment master workspace; that way the workspace IDs can stay static and be used if needed to call via API
The reason for this approach is to create some kind of snapshot of the previous and current version with each release which can potentially be used to somehow revert the changes. If you need to dynamically get the current master workspace for some API operations, you can always get it (as domain admin) with this API call:
GET /gdc/domains/DOMAIN_ID/dataproducts/DATAPRODUCT_ID/segments/SEGMENT_ID
it will be in the response under “segment/masterProject”
True, I figured as much. Thanks for the extra info!